Murry Hilton is an enigma of the Australian art scene. Showing rarely, his eagerly awaited exhibitions never fail to enthral - always the product of a sharp eye and a unique and assured aesthetic. 

Growing up in Chinchilla, a country town in the deep west of Queensland, Hilton became heavily influenced by Australian iconography. Searching to distill the notion of Australian-ness, both in its opposition and connection to other cultures, his work is a process of fragmentation and re-arrangement - a quest for purity, an attempt to attain the very essence of his subject matter and to present it in its most perfect aspect. For more than 20 years, Hilton’s mission has been to make us appreciate our world with fresh eyes and understanding. His total immersion in his subject matter allows us to be immersive with it.

Born Chinchilla Qld 1963

Diploma of Fine Art, Printmaking. 1985, Griffith University Qld ( formerlySeven Hills Art College)

Lives and works in Sydney



Nov 2012-              Kodak Retina – Private Showing –  Seans Panorama - Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Mar 2010-               Waterworks – James Dorahy Project Space – Potts Point, Sydney.

Jul 2007 -                In A Different Light - Tim Olsen Gallery, Woollahra, Sydney.

Jan 2006                Tim Olsen Gallery, Paddington, Sydney

Mar 2004                Tim Olsen Gallery, Paddington Sydney

Apr 2002                                SupaSemtex, Club 21 Gallery Singapore

Oct 2002                Silent Semtex, The Metropolitan, London

Jul 2000                  Close to Nothing, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney

Jun 2000                                 New Works, Volvo Gallery, Sydney

Feb 1998                Artbox Installation, Sherman Gallery, Sydney

Jan 1998                New Works, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

Dec 1996                New Works, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

Aug 1994               New Works, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

Feb 1992                Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney



Feb 2008                Gallery Artists Exhibition, Annex , Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Dec 2005                Gallery Artists Exhibition, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Dec 2004                Gallery Artists Exhibition, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Aug 2001               Hi-Lo Deutcher Menzies, Sydney

Sep 1996                First Aid, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney



Dec 2007                Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne, VIC.

Feb 2005                Fox Digital HQ, North Ryde, NSW.

Aug2004                Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok.

Numerous private commissions.



Feb 2007 -              S.M.H. The Sydney Magazine - HOME

Oct 2006 -              Australian Gourmet Traveller

Jan 2005 -              Australian Art Collector

Jan 2005 -              Senior Artwise

Oct 2004 -              Australian Vogue Living

Aug 2004 -             Cause Celebre

May 2001 -             Inside Out

Feb 2001 -              Harpers Bazaar

Sep 2000 -              Australian Vogue

Sep 2000 -              Australian Style

Jul 2000 -                Oyster Magazine

May 2000 -             Belle Magazine

Feb 2000 -              Harpers Bazaar

Sep 1998 -              Wallpaper Magazine

Jun 1998 -              The Australian Magazine

Apr 1998 -              Australian Vogue Entertaining & Travel

Mar 1997 -              S.M.H. Long Black

Oct 1996 -              S.M.H. Arts

Sep 1996 -              Australian Vogue

Jul 1996 -                S.M.H. Long Black

Aug 1996 -             S.M.H. Domain

Jan 1994 -              Australian Elle